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     Have you checked out a good book lately?
     Or maybe watched a DVD you got from the library?
     Have you or your children attended a library program recently?
     Maybe you needed to use the computer for your research?
     Get caught up on the latest news by reading the various newspapers?
     And how about access to all those magazines that cater to a variety of interests?

The Friends of the Library contribute to the services that are available -

     However, while we hope you are taking advantage of these services we also 
     know that they are not free to provide. We hope your interests in your library -
     which matches the Friends interests - will urge you to support this valuable
     organization by becoming a member.

     It’s easy! Next time you’re in the library pick up the Friends brochure so you
     can see how they help deliver these services and how you can help them
     continue to supply your library with all that interests you. It’s a win-win situation!

     Take a look at our brochure and check off how, if possible, you would be able to
     lend a helping hand to the Friends. Many hands help lighten the work at our
     fundraiser events and book sorting. Involvement with the Friends’ activities will
     provide you with the fellowship of a great group and the continued success of this
     cornerstone of your community.

The Friends look forward to greeting new members and thank you, in advance,
for your support.




I look forward to seeing you around the library.


Margaret Harting,
Friends of the Adamstown Area Library

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Revised 07/09/2014